Predicting the Third Wave Sector Report & Insights for COVID-19

A recent surge in the number of cases of the Delta variant across the UK stresses the potential risk that our health services will soon see similarly dire situations of resource shortages and patients left at severe risk of harm to those seen in the variant’s country of origin, with the emergence of a new variant an ongoing concern as cases rise. In light of these recent trends, this report explores the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the UK, providing insight into areas such vaccination levels and the remaining infection risk at current rates, how deaths and hospital admissions have been impacted, and the publicly projected risks of COVID-19 variants in the launch of a third pandemic wave.

Finally, the report presents third wave predictions generated by the Data Science Platform (DSP), detailed at both a national and provider level. As healthcare systems look to the potential future of soaring cases and the resulting strain upon services, it is vital to understand what exactly this may look like at a local level in order to ensure providers and their teams are able to efficiently plan and manage this predicted upcoming wave, providing the best protection to the patients they care for.