Q&A with Stuart Hill, Whittington Health NHS Trust

Leveraging data to streamline income reporting, increase operational efficacy and improve health patient outcomes

Q: How did you hear about  RwHealth?

They were already there at the Trust providing other dashboards.

Q: How long have you been using the income module and the Finance Reporting Solution?

I haven’t used the finance one, but we’ve used the income solution for a couple of years now.

Q: What has the solution enabled you to do?

Present income to multiple users via one singular dashboard.

Q: Before the D&D solution, what were you previously using?

A manual excel report.

Q: What value has the RwHealth solution brought to you and the team?

It has made things a lot quicker and easier. So we now don’t create manual reports, so the solution is quicker and time saving. It’s prettier. It’s more interactive. Before the Excel report was limited in the information it would present. Now the reports can deep dive into individual patients, which we couldn’t do before. The reports can also go to multiple users. Before we send the reports out to the main stakeholders. But now, anybody who’s got access to dashboards will be able to view it.

“The RwHealth Income Module has made things a lot quicker and easier.”

Q: What immediate benefits have you seen since using the RwHealth module?

The solution allows us to save time, it’s prettier, and allows more access for certain stakeholders.

Q: What are the expected outcomes you anticipate seeing in the future?

Better understanding of income and activity.

Q: Are there any particular instances or situations in which the time saving element has been tangible?

We see the benefits every month. So it used to take an afternoon, maybe even the day of doing the data before and sending it out. Now, it’s literally just like a 10 minute job.

“The solution allows us to save time…we see the benefits every month”


RwHealth’s Income solution module is a necessary tool for streamlining income operations within healthcare trusts. The module is easy to use, time-saving and increases data visibility for relevant stakeholders.


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