RwHealth: Using Data Science to Meet the Needs of Small & Medium-Sized Providers

No matter the size or scale of your organisation, healthcare providers need managed data science services to keep up with industry demands.

The pursuit of true healthcare recovery is in jeopardy. 

Facing insurmountable demand, limited physical and professional resources, health providers must face innumerable challenges to deliver quality care. Under these circumstances, meeting the demand for data science capabilities to support decision making is absolutely critical. 

Without data scientists’ on-hand knowledge in advance modelling and data leveraging, healthcare organisations will struggle to content with a healthcare backlog exceeding 5.3 million. It is without a doubt that every single healthcare provider will need data science support to navigate the new health landscape, deploy new technologies, reduced budgets, and strategies to ensure best practices. 

To fill this gap will be no mean feat, given that healthcare providers must adapt to using evermore complex technologies, platforms, and analytics tools to manage capacity. Considering this, bringing in managed data science service partners to uphold core business objectives is no longer a luxury: it is an absolute necessity for survival. 

Managed data science services, spearheaded by organisations like RwHealth, provide valuable predictive insights, especially for smaller or recently merged healthcare systems. By trusting partners like RwHealth to manage digital transformation, data analytics solutions, technology-based care initiatives and system-wide collaboration, organisations can focus on their core business objectives. 

Global Demand for Data Scientists in Healthcare 

Recent analyses predict that the global digital healthcare market will be worth over £20 Billion by 2027. However, it will be impossible to achieve this level of growth without true data science innovation. 

This estimation is precipitated by the rise of customised solutions designed to meet each healthcare provider’s changing business and technology needs. The increasing availability of integrated data science capabilities in healthcare is highly encouraging, as it shows a system-wide potential for further advancement. 

Notable organisations and Trusts across the United Kingdom have leveraged data science capabilities in building on their healthcare and life sciences deliverables. According to a report published by McKinsey, organisations that invested in data-driven initiatives saw increased output and success; even in the acute phases of the pandemic. 

Specifically, the report indicated that Trusts who leveraged the tools and on-site support from data scientists delivered genuine benefits for both patients and staff alike. Respondents to the study, many of them national Trusts across the UK said that working with data scientists ‘ accelerated’ their ‘medium and longer-term vision and goals, specific initiative, resources and performance indicators’. 

By providing organisations with cutting-edge analytics to tackle complex clinical and administrative challenges posed by the pandemic, data scientists worked with teams to safeguard the care continuum. Without their support, the Trusts stated that they would have not been able to efficiently redesign operability, workforce and care plans to meet requirements of the ‘new normal.

RwHealth: Using Data Science to Meet the Needs of Small & Medium-Sized Providers

Tapping into new opportunities for innovation comes with its own complications. 

Without the skillset, knowledge and expertise offered by data scientists, providers will inevitably encounter a plethora of recovery challenges.  

These can include difficulties maintaining data-management performance, lack of actionable insights and further obstacles in continually scaling their businesses. This is particularly true of newer players, whose strategies to maximise skills, infrastructure and best practices depend solely on how they manage data science; and who can offer them support in this endeavour. 

Building on continuous delivery for success, for both smaller and more established players, will require an intelligent use of resources and skills. Furthermore, they will need to ensure that their managed data initiatives run parallel to how they structure sustainable innovations. Fortunately, RwHealth is fully capable of addressing every provider’s data science need, no matter where they are in terms of growth. 

RwHealth’s managed data science service offering identifies the software, predictive modelling, and strategic needs of every single organisation. For both long-standing and newer organisations, RwHealth guides executives in proactively managing operational capacity, data mobility and maximising care output. 

By working closely with in-house teams, RwHealth’s managed data sciences service team provides straightforward and easily implemented strategies to ensure that every single initiative is executed to match performance and application objectives. Through the support of our internal team and our Data Science Platform (DSP), RwHealth curates contextualised data management strategies: to reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency and ensure that you give the best care possible to your patients. 

For those interested in gaining further support for your strategic planning through powerful real-time and predictive analytics, we encourage you to get in touch with the RwHealth team for personalised managed data science services. 

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