Lorraine Moseley, Business Manager to the Medical Directorate, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Q: How did you hear about  RwHealth?

Initial contact was made by Draper and Dash in August 2020.

Q: How long have you been using the CORS solution?

CORS was fully implemented and went live on 1st August 2021

Q: Why was CORS procured?

The Trust had a very disjointed reporting system for bereavement, medical examiner reviews and SJRs with each team completing spreadsheets and sharing information.

Q: What has the CORS solution enabled you to do?

The introduction of CORS has given us a streamlined and transparent system for reporting and investigating deaths.

Q: Before CORS, what were you using?

Each team had their own database (spreadsheet) where details were manually entered and shared between the teams. Reporting was also a manual system with no centralised data.

Q: What value has it brought to the team?

Reporting of deaths, medical examiner reviews and SJRs are now held centrally and staff can access each of the sections when completing reviews, it provides a streamlined system with everything in one place and easy access to information. It has enabled the team to work more efficiently with SJRs being notified electronically as soon as the medical examiner has completed their review, therefore reducing the time between review and SJR. Medical examiners can easily refer to the discharge summary completed by the QAP to form their discussion.

Q: What immediate benefits have you seen since using CORS?

Ease of use has encouraged mortality leads to complete SJRs in a more timely manner as this is now a one step process.

“Reporting is easier and any delays in completing reviews are easy to identify from the dashboard, making follow up a simple process.”

Q: What are the expected outcomes you’re anticipating?

We are expecting to see SJRs completed in less time than previous, notification is instant and does not rely on one member of staff. With access to the medical examiner review we are also expecting the quality of the SJRs to improve.

Q: What time savings have you realised?

There is less time between the medical examiner identifying the need for an SJR and notification to the mortality lead. The Learning from Deaths Administrator now has a robust system for SJRs and follow up, time is saved by not having to manually enter data and review spreadsheets. Reporting also takes less time as manual counts of data are no longer required.

“Before working with RW Health, each team had their own manual database with no centralised data.”

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Lorraine Moseley


Business Manager to the Medical Directorate




Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust


West Midlands, United Kingdom