Clinical Research Protocol Developer/Writer

If you are reading this, I firstly want to say it’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m very thankful for your interest to integrate advances in data science and technology with human science expertise to help people in healthcare make better decisions and advance human health. We are extremely passionate about rare diseases and the ability to make the world a better place for patients and families suffering from rare diseases, especially haematological diseases.

We have a number of programmes currently being progressed in the rare and chronic diseases space and in evidence generation for the impacts of novel therapeutics in a real-world setting, and we would love to have you join us as part of a small team of hard-working, talented, committed, and highly skilled individuals. Fortunately for us, we have years of experience in data and healthcare, as well as a great understanding of some of the core diseases we are focused on. What we need from you is help with additional capacity, utilising a very specific set of skills primarily focused on supporting us in the following areas.

About Real World Health

RwHealth (Real World Health) is a healthcare and life sciences data company that helps clients achieve sustainable improvement by better utilising their data. In the healthcare space, we help our health and social care clients deliver the best possible care with finite resources; always delivering a high return on investment through innovation, know-how, and a passion for sustained improvement.

We deploy complex flow and big data analytics to cast a light on care pathway dynamics and productivity. Our data solutions support process improvement methodologies and focus on supporting clinical and operational decision making across our client organisations.

We are committed to building a diverse team that demonstrate passion, loyalty, and enthusiasm in everything we do.

Join Us

Above all, we care about changing the world we inherited for those who will come after us. Making a positive impact on human health takes insight, curiosity, and intellectual commitment. It takes brave minds, pushing the boundaries to transform healthcare. Regardless of your role, you will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping our partners drive healthcare forward and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. Forge a career with greater purpose, make an impact, and never stop learning.

Job Description

RwHealth is currently looking for a passionate Clinical Research Protocol Developer/Writer to join our team to support our upcoming life science programmes.

The Clinical Protocol Developer will provide technical and scientific support for the development and execution of real-world data-driven protocols, based upon the exam question provided by our life sciences partners. These are typically based around evidence generation from real-world retrospective, and occasionally prospective, data from medical databases and publicly available sources, in order to better understand patient outcomes, treatment impacts, safety and efficacy.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Works with the client, RwHealth Life Science team, physicians, and scientists to develop, write, and produce real-world retrospective and prospective data-based research protocols that are within the scope of the project outlined by the life science partner.
  • Responsible for coordinating communication between clinical leads and other project collaborators.
  • Assists with writing other project-related documents.
  • Conducts literature reviews and drafts scientific and technical documents.
  • Ensure that protocols contain quality research design, and meet standards for ethics and compliance.
  • Assist with the amendment of existing protocols.
  • Attends meetings to facilitate protocol development.
  • Assists with managing the programme tracking system and enters protocol details and development events in the programme tracking system.
  • Participates with research and statistical data coordinators, database developers and database administrators in study database development and data monitoring planning.
  • Collects information on reported problems regarding consistency and/or clarity in open protocols.
  • Participates in troubleshooting.
  • Collaborates with other members of the team and any other participating groups to ensure streamlined compliance.
  • Assists with other projects as needed

Important Qualities

We have had years of experience in hiring senior, middle grade, and junior health and human sciences talent and have found a few things to be important.

  • Strong work ethic and commitment to excellence.
  • Exposure to working with large real-world healthcare databases.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Prior experience working in a consultancy, CRO, or research is preferred, but recent graduates may apply.
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals and/or abstracts in scientific conferences are preferred.


  • Doctoral degree in a biological, health science, physiology, epidemiology, or other related field.
  • Knowledge of medical and healthcare terminology, as well as treatment concepts.
  • Understanding of national regulations regarding real-world data research.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact professionally and effectively with investigators, sponsors & cross-functional teams.
  • Previous experience in protocol writing and editing.
  • Adept at intermediate level biostatistics.
  • Must have the legal right to work in the UK

Application Details

To apply by email to this position, please send your CV and covering letter to the following link:


Clinical Research Protocol Developer/Writer


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