Acute & Mental Health Recovery: Turning Innovation into Action Report

With the United Kingdom welcoming the easing of lockdown measures and the successful rollout of the vaccination programme, the health sector must shift its focus towards service restoration and the return to normal.

Our health systems have been undeniably crippled by dwindling capacity; and many sectors, mental health especially, have struggled to keep up with increased demands.

To prepare for the future, we need to gather, understand, and harness data to build strategies that support mental health patients and practitioners going forward.

On behalf of the RwHealth Team, I would personally like to thank you all for participating in the Acute Care and Mental Health Recovery Summit. It is through collaboration and system-wide coordination that our healthcare community will protect the acute care and mental health sectors for the future.

As a show of thanks, we have curated this report and included predictions that will strengthen providers’ recovery strategies for the months to come. This report collates key findings from our keynote speeches, breakout sessions and future-forward industry insights, created especially for you and your organisation.