Q&A with Andrew McLaren, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Utilising RwHealth’s intuitive solution to save clinical time and improve patient outcomes through rapid intervention.

Q: How did you hear about  RwHealth?

I met Richard Parker, COO of RwHealth, a number of years ago when he was working in the NHS and was very impressed by him as an individual and the efficiency with which he approached his work. That led me to what he was up to at what was then Draper & Dash.

Q: How long have you been using RW’S SOLUTION?

I’ve been working with RwHealth since November last year.

Q: What has the solution enabled you to do?

It has given us the visibility to see and solve bottlenecks before they become a problem.

Q: Before the RwHealth solution, what were you previously using?

InfoFlex and vast Excel spreadsheets – so a mix of impenetrable systems and documents that were all too easily corrupted.

Q: What value has the RwHealth solution brought to you and the team?

The solution is so intuitive that any clinician can pick it up and run with it. It’s a great interface because those that are interested can go in and explore without that exploration posing any risk to the data.

Making systems intuitive is, to me, the key to future NHS development.

“RwHealth enables us to see and solve bottlenecks before they become a problem.”

Q: What immediate benefits have you seen since using the RwHealth module?

The solution is immediately accessible to clinicians, they no longer need specialist skills or intense training to be able to access the data they need.

Q: What are the expected outcomes you anticipate seeing in the future?

I’m interested to see how we will remove people from processes over time. The more we can do through systems like this, the more clinical time is freed up to spend elsewhere.

Q: Are there any particular instances or situations in which the time saving element has been tangible?

Everything we do in cancer treatment is an exercise in saving time. Faster treatment leads to better outcomes, so every moment the solution helps us save – no matter how small – has tangible impact.

“The question now is how we repurpose that rescued clinical time deliver preventative healthcare and population-level healthcare.”


Data put in front of clinicians in a usable format is very powerful, and can generate benefits for patients above and beyond the immediately obvious. The visibility RwHealth’s solution provides will be fundamental in overcoming the current patient backlog and shifting toward effective preventative care for the wider population.


Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is a major provider of integrated hospital and community services, providing care to over half a million patients every year.

Bucks is one of the first integrated acute and community providers in the country and is the major provider of specialist, acute and community healthcare services for the people of Buckinghamshire.

Their mission is to provide safe and compassionate care, every time.


Andrew McLaren


Chief Medical Officer (interim) and Responsible Officer

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