Senior Healthcare Benchmarking Analyst

About Real World Health

RwHealth is a long-standing and trusted partner across UK and international health systems. Working with over 70 providers, we have a strong track record of delivering the solutions that truly make a difference.

 Our work is built upon the creation of value to patients and the systems that support them. Driven by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, we leverage information at a local, national and global level to create real-time and predictive analytics for healthcare and life sciences. With our AI driven technology processing 10,164,247 patients in the UK, covering 20 providers with a further 5,500,000 patients across the Middle East and Australia.

The Role

RwHealth is seeking an experienced healthcare benchmarking analyst to deliver successful projects for its NHS clients. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with stakeholders and senior healthcare executives to generate system-changing insights and intelligence. This work will underpin the strategies needed to build on stronger national healthcare policies and operating measures across the NHS. 

 The Senior Healthcare Benchmarking Analyst will serve as a member of the Benchmarking team to provide analytical, statistical and technical support throughout RwHealth’s healthcare vertical. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in producing analyses across acute, community and other sectors as required. They must also candidate must have strong experience working with Hospital Episode Statistics data (HES) alongside a range of datasets, to review, validate and prepare analysis. Additionally, the role will require the successful candidate to map and audit data, generate reports and support all Operational Benchmarking systems.

Key responsibilities

  • Project Delivery: leading on a variety of benchmarking projects, undertaking benchmarking studies and data analysis using HES and other NHS data sets
  • Management of informatics related to benchmarking or healthcare quality
  • Analysis and interpretation of multiple benchmarking outputs related to the NHS
  • Production of reports: using in-depth knowledge of the NHS datasets, processes and analytical techniques 
  • Identifying and constructing improvement strategies: on behalf of project stakeholders through data analysis 
  • Assistance in managing relationships between RwHealth and benchmarking clients 
  • Joint management of liaising with internal and external stakeholders regarding the flow of data and information

This position will require the candidate to have an extremely strong proficiency with analytical tools, knowledge of data analysis methodology, use of presentation software, strong communication skills and a strong commitment to and affinity for delivery. This position will be a supportive resource for other verticals within the RwHealth ecosystem, who will integrate benchmarking analysis into bespoke projects for NHS and healthcare stakeholders.

Key Skills Required

  • Significant experience of using NHS data sets (eg. HES data, Dr. Foster, Model Hospital, etc.) for analysis and modelling
  • Analysis and interpretation of highly complex healthcare datasets 
  • Experience of working and engaging with a variety of senior healthcare executives
  • Project management experience
  • Inferential and predictive analysis skills 
  • Healthcare organisational consulting experience
  • Advanced informatic skillset, especially in terms of Excel and SQL

Candidate Profile

  • Degree Level Education with a minimum BA/BsC 
  • Strong experience or familiarity with working in healthcare and the NHS
  • Knowledge of the structure and functioning of the NHS
  • Strong knowledge of change management approaches within the NHS/healthcare environment
  • Strong knowledge of Information Management within the NHS
  • Strong evidence of data analysis skills and experience leading on benchmarking projects
  • Strong evidence of leadership and successful team working
  • Strong evidence of ability to meet project deadlines and targets
  • Ability to engage with healthcare clients, senior management with credibility
  • Ability to present benchmarking analysis to a large audience with confidence

Application Details

Please submit your cover letter and CV to: fran@realworld.healthApplications without a CV or cover letter will not be considered. 


Senior Healthcare Benchmarking Analyst

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37.5 hours





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