Opfeed Theatre Optimisation

Delivering a 17% throughput gain for an Oral & Maxillofacial surgery provider

Our client was an Oral and Maxillofacial surgery provider who was struggling to tackle COVID backlogs. They were seeking support to improve theatre throughput and reduce waiting lists.

Opfeed was implemented in 3 distinct phases to understand efficacy and impact:

1. The Opfeed model was configured with local data to provide a prediction of the expected time each procedure would take.

2. Opfeed times were made available to staff when booking, to supplement decision making on procedure durations.

3. Opfeed list fill was introduced to supplement decision making on session scheduling.

Over the course of the implementation, our team worked within the client organisation as ‘one-team’, to drive uptake & engagement, and ensure benefits were realised.

Our approach focuses on clinical and operational engagement, as we appreciate that regardless of the efficacy of any software solution, it is the positive experience of those running internal change that is imperative to realising value.

Following the implementation of Opfeed, our client experienced significant benefits, including:

– A fivefold increase in the predictability of procedure time durations.

– A 17% increase in patients per session.

– An 18% increase in in-session utilisation.

– An 87% reduction in late finish minutes.

– An 80% reduction in early finish minutes.

– An annualised saving of £133k per theatre.

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