Our vision

We passionately believe that population health, whether it be direct healthcare provision or access to new pharmaceuticals, can be significantly improved through the use of predictive and prescriptive data analytics.


Real World Health has been helping the NHS for over 10 years, and more recently our Life Sciences customers, to unlock the huge power their data holds and support them in delivering impactful solutions to achieve their ambitions.


Real World Health started life as a data analytics business, Draper and Dash, and garnered a strong reputation for its ability to present complex data in informative and easy to use dashboards.

The business expanded its offering in 2020 through the acquisition of a market-leading insight and transformation solutions provider, SSG Partners.

The acquisition and integration of Civil Eyes Research, a leading provider of data benchmarking services, not only enhanced data analytics capabilities, but helped us understand further the context and clinical constraints our clients work within.

Together, we are now Real World Health, a healthcare and life sciences data solution provider, that is more than the sum of its parts. We help our clients achieve their ambitions with data, with advanced tools, best practice, and hands-on, experienced support.

Today's 'data solutions'

We have developed a Data Science Platform (DSP), through which we deploy our ‘data solutions’. The DSP performs a number of functions, from the ingestion, transformation and processing of data from disparate sources, to the running and training of advanced machine learning models. The DSP also hosts our solutions, to be accessed by our clients as modules and applications via a cloud-based, browser-accessible portal.

By combining the DSP with our subject matter experts (SMEs), who understand the importance of specific clinical pathways, and on-the-ground transformation professionals, who are experts in lean operational change, we are able to translate the opportunities discovered into real-life productivity and efficiency gains – visit our use cases section for actual savings and benefits realised by our clients.

why clients partner with us

Our values